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Annai Sayi Matha Siva Brinda Devi

(1927 – 1998)

Dr.Siva Brinda Devi was one of the most loved and most respected spiritual leaders in India. She was the President of the World Hindu Women Organization and the first woman Aadheenam Kartar, monastery head, in South India.


Dr.Sayimatha Siva Brinda Devi was born on 1927 in a town called Tirukokarnam, which is in Pudukkottai District, Tamil nadu, South India. “Heart overflowing with love and compassion, radiant and ever smiling face, modesty personification, fore head sporting with sacred ash”.  This is a short description of Annai Sayi Matha Siva Brindhadevi.  Dr.M.S.Udayamoorthy, a great philosopher and writer had described her as follows: “Godly thoughts with golden spiritual axiom relayed from the inner powerhouse of Gnana pour out of her tongue unceasingly, a phenomenon unseen.   Her intellectual height is immeasurable    


Dr.Brinda Devi acquired her degrees in Indian Philosophy and she was an erudite scholar in the doctrines of Saiva Sidhantha.  She had been propagating Indian Philosophy and Saiva Sidhantha doctrines not only in India but also in far-eastern and western countries for more than 40 years.  She was honoured with doctorate degrees from abroad.  She had completely dedicated her life for the upliftment of thousands of poor and orphan girls. In 1984, she had organised an international conference of Hindu Women at Coimbatore, on a very grand scale.  She was the founder of Shanmatha Alayam (temple for the six religious faiths), which was built in accordance with religious conventions and arranged for daily veneration. She was so dedicated to her work that she had taken a vow of poverty in the Hindu faith and had renounced her worldly life and family ties and had embraced sanyasa  (ascetic life) in 1972.  She had devoted all her time to the service of religion and society. She was a renowned scholar with wide interests and was admiringly called a “walking university”.  Her life found its fulfilment on 30 June 1983, when her native place, Pudukkottai, became a holy ground and she was installed as the head of the Thilagavathiyar Thiruvarul Adheenam, which is involved in maintaining and propagating Shaiva Siddhanta in Tamil Nadu. She was the first woman to adorn this holy seat.


 Since 1962, her literary and spiritual brilliance dazzled not only in Tamilnadu but also had penetrated deep in to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Srilankha, America and Germany. Her vast knowledge as well as her deep spiritual insight, fervid eloquence, brilliant conversations, impeccable oratory skills combined with the dedication of spreading Godly thoughts, had no wonder brought her a plethora of titles - Chemmozhi Selvi, Siddhantha Selvamani, Chenthamizh Arasi, Arularasi. Karunaikkadal, Mangaiyarkarasi, Mathar Kula Mamani - to mention a few.


She used to travel extensively around the world and made many trips to Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore to deliver lectures since 1960. The events Thiruvilazhu Pooja

and Srichakra pooja received a warm salutation in Malaysia and Singapore.


In 1985 & 86 she inaugurated the preliminary session of Council for the “world religious conference” held at New Jercy, USA and at BadNaheim, West Germany respectively and delivered lectures for a wide audience.



Annai was not only an orator but also has several books to her credit.  Following are few to mention here which she had authored:


  1. Ida Ethu, (Published on 1960’s)


2.   Manithan Engayo Pogiran (Published on Srilanka 1977 and Chennai 1978)


3. Hindumatham (Published on 1977)


4. Manithanum Deivamagalam (Published on 1992)


5. Man at the Cross Roads (Published on 1978) (English version of Manithan Engayo Pogiran)


 Annai Saimatha Brinda Devi left for heavenly abode in the year 1998.

Present Thilagavathiar Tiruvarul Adheenam Head Thavathiru Dayananda Chandrasekaran

Profile of

Thavathiru Dhayananda Chandrasekaran


Thavathiru Dhayananda Chandrasekaran is the head of Thilagavathiar Thiruvarul Adheenam.   He was born in 11.01.1966. He is the grandson of Thirumathi Muthulakshmi Muthusamy who is the elder sister of Annai Sivabrinda Devi.  Annai Siva Brindadevi adopted him in 1970 before her Sanyasam (priesthood). Earlier he was known as Chandrasekaran.


After adoption, he was taken to Ilayathankudi (Tamilnadu) where Sri Mahaswami Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal visited the Gurusamathi, Head of Kanchi mutt for his blessings. After giving the blessings, swamigal, also prefixed “Dhayananda” to his name.


In June 7, 1970, his “ear piercing” ceremony (kathani vizha) was celebrated in the presence of Kunrakudi Adigalar, Thiru. Ukkadai Appavu Devar M.L.A and Pudukkottai Municipal Chairman Dharamaraj Pillai at Kumaranmalai, Near Pudukkottai.


He received his primary education at Thirukokaranam Government School, & High school studies at Govt Model School and Sri Brahathambal Higher Secondary School, Pudukkottai.


In 1988, he got his under graduate (BBA) degree from APSA College at Thiruppattur, Sivagangai District, Tamil nadu. After acquiring his degree, he worked for Sakthi finance Ltd, Coimbatore for few months. Then, he did his PG Diploma Course in Computer Science at Trichy.  (Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Kattur, Trichy).  After completion of his PG Diploma, he was appointed as computer operator in the university computer center, Bharathidhasan University.  Trichy (1992 - 1994) for 2 years. 


In 1998, when he was planning to go abroad for employment, unfortunately, on 27, Nov 1998 Annai Sayi Matha suddenly attained God’s feet.  After Annai’s demise, he inherited the holy seat of the Adheenam and took charge at the age of 32. 


All well-wishers and devotees of the Adhenam were very happy about his succession. Many social organizations also felt that he was the appropriate person to be the successor of the Adheenam.


After assuming the charge, he arranged for the opening ceremony of Annai’s potrait on December 13th ,  1998 in a very grand manner.  The main dignitaries of the functions were - TMC president and well-known Congress Leader, Thiru.GK. Moopanar, M.P. Minister Pulavar Chenguttuvan, Former Minister RM Veerappan, Dist. Collector Harmandhar Singh, and Rani Charu Bala Thondaiman.


After opening Annai’s portrait, he also inaugurated and opened a library in Annai’s name on July 12th , 1999 at Adheenam premises.  The Karaikudi Adheenam Thava Thiru Ponnambala Adhigalar, Dr.M.S.Udhayamoorthy, former Vice Chancellor and Dr. S. Muthukumaran attended the function.


He has arranged for various awards to be given away every year under the following categories:


In memory of Annai’s services to society cash award and silver medals are given to those who work towards the development of Tamil culture & literature. Every year on the occasion of Gurupooja, ‘Annathanam’ is given for all the people at annai’s samathi.


Dr.Muthulaksmi Reddi award (first woman doctor in India and a social reformer) to social organizations that are doing services for the upliftment of the poor people and women’s development.  On the occasion of her birthday anniversary, sewing machines are donated to poor women and aged social workers are felicitated for his/her services to the society. In memory of her he founded a primary school in 2003. Thirumuraigal Recitation competitions are held  for school students once in every quarter. Silver medals and certificates are awarded to winner and all the participants.


‘Thilagavathiar Thiruvarul Adheena Cheithi Madal’ – which is the periodical of the Adheenam has been published and Edited by him since Jan 2006.


He also organizes a function every year on the eve of pongal at Adheenam premises to acknowledge & felicitate the farmers who are the backbone of the society. During that occasion, group of farmers are selected from the field and are felicitated in the presence of local dignitaries.


He has published books on the great Saiva Thirumuraigal like Thiruvasagam, Thirumanthiram, and Thiruvarutappa. He is the author of following books:


  1. Oru pen thuraviyin Valvum Samuthaya Valvum (Biography of Annai Sayi Matha SivaBridhadevi)           Rs.150/- Published on 2003, 525 pages.


  1. Matharkula Manickam, (Biography of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddi)            Rs.40/- Published on 2007, 108 pages


He has published and edited the following books:


  1. Thirumanthira Aiyuraikalanjiyam, 9 Thandhiram and 97 Thesis Published on 2005, 625 pages, Rs.250/-


  1. Thiruvasaga Aiyuraikalanjiyam, 51 Pathigangal 51 Thesis published on 2002, 303 Pages, Rs.100/-


  1. Vallalar Nokkil  Nallvar Perumakkal, 4 Thesis published on 2008, 108 pages, Rs.40/-


         He is also very keen to publish many other rare books.


In recognition of his services he has received the following titles & awards:


1.For his literary work on Thirumanthiram, Chennai Somasundara Agama Tamil Panpattu Araichi Mandram, gave him the title of ‘Thirumanthira Tamilmamani’. He received this title from the hands of former Supreme Court Justice S. Natarajan, in 2006.


2 The Best organization award to the Adheenam was given by Chennai Anbu Palam Social Organization in the presence of Central Shipping Minister Hon’ble Thiru.G.K.Vasan, Hon’ble Tamilnadu Information Minister Thiru Paruthi Ilamvazhuthi, and Hon’ble Central Minister of State for information and broadcasting, Thiru Dr.Jagathratchagan.


3.The title ‘Deiva Thiruthondar’ was awarded to him by Pudukkottai Ilaykiya Peravai, for his spiritual services.